Tank Sealing Kits

Tank Sealing Kits

Our Tank Sealing Kits Consist of Two Components that only need to be Done Once!

WAGNER Tank Sealing Kits come with two components: Wagner Phosphating Rust Converter, and Wagner Single Component Tank Sealing Resin.  Ensuring you only have to seal your tank ONCE! These products can each be purchased separately or purchased in a Tank Sealing Kit that contains everything that you will need to treat and seal your tank.

Wagner Rust Converter

Phosphating Rust Converter

WAGNER Phosphating Rust Converter stops rust immediately and removes deep rust layers.

Phophatising WAGNER Rust Converter really works – it stop rusting immediately and chemically repairs the corrosion-pitted, porous surface structure.  The treatment produces a firm metal surface that can easily be painted, coated, tin plated or even zinc plated. Complete derusting is not needed!

WAGNER Rust Converter does not corrode aluminum or non-ferrous metals. Nor is soft solder or brazing solder
affected in any way. When used as instructed, WAGNER Rust Converter is neutral on paint and rubber. In high concentrations, extended immersion or if used undiluted, some paints and types of rubber can be damaged if drops or splashes are not neutralized with water and washed off in a short time.

WAGNER Rust Converter works reliably even at temperatures as low as 32° Fahrenheit and does not have to be warmed beforehand. It is easy to use, leaves no spots and can be disposed of in the sewage system.

The dark grey layer (phosphatisation) left by WAGNER Rust Converter on iron and steel effectively protects metal surfaces from rust. The protection can be made permanent by a suitable final protective treatment with a plastic coating, paint, resin, lacquer, tar, wax, tin or zinc.

Treatment with WAGNER Rust Converter improves the rust protection of the metal and the adhesion of the final protective treatment. On non-ferrous metal surfaces, such as aluminium or zinc sheet, WAGNER Rust Converter is suitable for priming bare metal surfaces (pre-etching). It is therefore also a good idea to treat new, rust-free metals with WAGNER Rust Converter.

  • WAGNER Rust Converter stops corrosion immediately; complete derusting is not needed.
  • It also converts the rust into a non-corrosive metal compound.
  • WAGNER Rust Converter has a very low viscosity so that it penetrates all pores.
  • It forms a dark grey layer, ideal for final protective treatment.
  • Saves time and money, no derusting or sandblasting or priming is necessary.
  • WAGNER Rust Converter should be used only on surfaces that are free of oil and grease.
  • WAGNER Rust Converter is ready for use and easy to apply.
Wagner Tank Sealing Resin

Single Component Tank Sealing Resin

WAGNER single-component tank sealing resin is a transparent inner coating that prevents rust formation on tank surfaces and provides long-term protection against corrosion in any tank.

Since the introduction of lead-free gasoline fuel tank rusting has become a common problem, and results in rust particles possibly damaging fuel pumps, carburetors and fuel injection systems. All tanks in diesel vehicles and two-stroke vehicles rust through, even fuel tanks made of GFRP composite materials are at risk as their surface starts to become porous and can weep liquid over time.

Virtually a tank inside of a tank! WAGNER single-component tank sealing resin saves any tank by installing a protective inner tank, so to speak. Even fuel tanks that are already damp or weeping liquid are usually 100% leak proof after sealing!

As opposed to most two-component sealing compounds, WAGNER single-component tank sealing resin does not become brittle and permanently retains a minimum amount of flexibility. This is very important as it means the inner coating bonds reliably even in case of later damage to the tank due to vibrations or minor accidents. In addition, the single-component material hardens slower, therefore giving the user more time to ensure correct sealing and to get the flowing material to all critical surfaces.

WAGNER single-component tank sealing resin seals tank interiors made of steel (also alloys), aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass and plastics such as carbon, GFRP, Kevlar, polyester or vinyl ester. Even new tanks with smooth inner surfaces can be sealed with WAGNER single-component tank sealing resin; roughening is not necessary. WAGNER tank sealing resin cannot be used on tanks made of polyethylene or polypropylene, since these materials cannot be coated permanently.

WAGNER single-component tank sealing resin is resistant to leaded and unleaded fuel, ethanol/petrol blended fuels such as E5, E10 and E85, pure ethanol, pure petrol, two-stroke mixtures, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, motor oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, mineral oil, synthetic oil, two-stroke oil, bright stock, coolant, brake fluid and additives, such as WAGNER Bactofin Fuel Stabilizer.

Note: For improved sealing of the containers, they are stored upside down after being filled at the factory. As a result, minimal quantities of sealing resin can emerge at the edge of the lid -this is intentional and is taken into account in calculating the quantity of the contents.

  • 100% ethanol resistant
  • Permanently flexible
  • Hardens slowly
  • Adheres perfectly
  • Forms a durable petrol- and acid-resistant coating
  • Seals small leaks (wrinkles, weld seams, small holes)
  • Solvent-containing single-component polyurethane resin, therefore for universal application
  • Multiple applications, since excess resin can be re-used

See the Proof

Pictures from a 78 year tank being treated with a WAGNER Tank Sealing Kit. At the end the tank looks brand new!

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