AirTec Frostline -40 Premium Diesel Antigel


When winter hits and temperatures drop diesel fuel can gel, preventing diesel engines from running.  Frostline -40 was designed to prevent the problem of gelling and keep trucks, emergency vehicles, and fleets running regardless of the ambient temperature.  Don’t take the chance of getting stranded, trust Frostline -40 to keep your engine running.

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AirTec Frostline -40 keeps your engine running smoothly all winter long!  

Mixing Ratios:

1 liter treats 100 gallons of diesel fuel, lowering the gelling temperature by more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit! 

Add to diesel fuel when filling the tank at the desired mixing ratio.  For best results add to the diesel fuel while filling the diesel fuel tank.  This allows for the instant mixing of Frostline -40 and diesel fuel. 

  • Safe for use in ALL diesel engines when used as directed
  • Safe for use in all diesel and biodiesel fuel blends
  • Meets all requirements for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)
  • Made in Germany.  Held to the Highest Quality Standards

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