AirTec Grease: MoS2 Multi-Purpose 10 Pack


Contains 10 Grease Cartridges


AirTec MoS2 is a lithium-based, multi-purpose grease containing 3% molybdenum disulfide, which gives it excellent wear and pressure protection.  This is grease is best used in a high-stress wheel and friction bearings found in suspensions, heavy construction equipment, and industrial machines.  In addition to the 3% moly it also contains corrosion inhibitors, polymers for better metal adhesion, and anti-oxidant additives that make it a great all-around grease for a wide temperature range and high-pressure situations.

Technical Data

Base Viscosity 155 mm²/ (40°C)
Temperature Range -30 +130°C (266°F)
DIN 51502 KPF 2 K-30

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