How to Maintain a Lawn Mower

A lush green lawn with perfect striping will make any homeowner proud and many a neighbor jealous, but do you know one of most important aspects of maintaining a perfect lawn is lawn mower maintenance?  Dull blades, worn bearings, improper RPMs, and leaks can stress...
New Distributor Spotlight:  Lang Equipment LLC

New Distributor Spotlight: Lang Equipment LLC

Lang Equipment 2 Locations:    Wausau, WI  (715) 298-6600 Brands they carry:  Lang Attachments, Polaris, Branson, Bad Boy Mowers, Echo, Lowe, Yanmar, Avant, IHI, Shindaiwa, AirTec, Lube-Shuttle website:

6 Factors That Affect Your Gas Mileage The Most

You like putting money into your car – but not throwing it away at the pump. Here’s a list of ways to manage your mileage. Aggressive driving Aggressive driving can be defined as consistent speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking. These factors can significantly...