Sand County Equipment: A Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Farmer’s Best Friend

We are proud to welcome Sand County Equipment to the AirTec and Lube-Shuttle families!  At AET Systems, Inc. we deal with a lot of different Ag Equipment Dealers across the USA (and some overseas!) and each one is unique in its own regard.  However, there is always that one thing that stands out in your mind about that dealership, and at Sand County Equipment it is that- – “They Get it”

When we first called on Paul, the owner, we knew it was going to be the start of a long and successful relationship.  At, AET we focus on setting up dealers that have the same values we cherish- Customer Service, Customer Support, and knowing that a Customer’s Needs come first.  At Sand County, they get that.  Most Ag Equipment dealers in today’s world take a very poor approach to stocking inventory.  When you need 5 the dealer has 2, but: “no worries we can have it for you tomorrow…after your hay gets rained on”  Sound familiar?

Well at Sand County they “get” that you need that part today, rain or shine, morning or midnight and Paul has his phone on 24/7 to help ensure you can get the parts that you need when you need them, but it doesn’t stop there.   They will make drive shafts (if you are a potato/vegetable farmer you know how important this can be), design custom parts, and fabricate custom parts and equipment!  Now that is pretty outstanding service.  

Direct from their website:  “Special fabrication needs can be met. We carry a variety of steel inventory; Round, Flat, Angle Iron, Tubing and Square. We do our best to meet your needs; nothing is too large or too small. If you have a unique project to be fabricated for a farm or business, or your machinery, we can help meet your needs.”


If you are a farmer in the area, you know Sand County Equipment so check out Lube-Shuttle Grease and Grease Guns the next time you stop in and take the mess and headaches out of greasing!  

Sand County, welcome to the AET family of Distributors.  We will make sure to give you the best support and service available, and we know you will be sure to pass that along to the customers.  Have a safe planting season everyone!