Grease gun basics can mean the difference between success and failure. Therefore, it helps to know how to use the gun properly. When you look at a basic grease gun, it is designed with a tub, plunger, spring, barrel, follower rod and follower handle. It also includes a lever, hydraulic coupler and flexible type hose. These parts are the basic components. You can use one of three types of guns as well. So, your selection will be based on your comfort level of use.

Grease gun basics can mean the difference between success and failure.

Grease gun basics can mean the difference between success and failure.

How a Grease Gun is Used that is Operated by Air

When it comes to grease gun basics, you can operate a gun manually or by air or electricity. If the gun is operated by air, it is called a pneumatic grease gun. Therefore, when this type of gun is used then, it is operated by using compressed air and a pistol-type grip. The air flows through the gun when the user pulls the trigger.

Manual Grease Gun Basics

Manual or hand-operated grease guns are operated with a hand pump or pistol grip. If the gun has a pistol grip, you can operate the gun with one or both of your hands.

Battery-operated Models

Battery-operated grease guns are also configured with a pistol grip. This type of gun works very much like a gun powered with air. Because the guns are battery operated, they do not feature an electric cord.

Achieve Better Performance from Machinery

Needless to say, when you know how a grease gun is used, you are more likely to realize successful results in the running of your machines.

Understanding the Roles of the Adapters

Adapters are considered main grease gun accessories. For instance, some applications require lubrication in a restricted space. In this case a 90-degree adapter is used for lubrication. On the other hand, a needle-end adapter is used when grease is used in confined spots and you want to employ a precise amount of grease.

Should You Use a Hose or Tube?

Whether you elect to use a flexible hose or a fixed tube on your gun depends of the gun type. For example, a hose is better suited for lubricating difficult-to-access spots. A gun with a lever, however, would be better adapted to the use of fixed tubes.

Determining the Fitting You Need

The fitting for a grease gun is normally called a Zerk fitting of nipple. A hydraulic fitting is frequently used for lubrication, and is employed in vertical or angled designs. If you wish to supply grease in a tight space then, it is better to select a flush fitting. However, if you plan to use more grease, then a button-head type of fitting will suffice. To avoid damaging a seal, opt for a fitting that is designed for pressure relief.

Maintain the Proper Pressure

If you want to know how a grease gun is used correctly, you have to consider the pressure that is applied as well. For instance, if you are lubricating a bearing seal, you should not use any more pressure than 500 psi. Too much pressure can lead to some damages that can be expensive. So, you need to be a master of the grease gun if you want to make the most of its use.

Some Grease Gun Usage Tips

Again, it cannot be overstated – when you know how a grease gun is used, you can ensure the continual operation of your machinery. Some basic tips should be followed along lines. For example, make sure you protect the pressure assembly on the gun by applying a layer of grease. Do this before inserting the gun’s plunger inside the barrel.

Play It Safe

Also, be careful when you use the attachments on the gun. That is because attachments are used to grease openings that are exceptionally small in size. Needles attachments, too, can cut into the skin. So, you want to make sure that you handle these accessories with the utmost care. Any grease that seeps into a cut can lead to a serious infection.

Clean the Nozzle before Use

You also want to ensure that the right type of grease is used. Make sure you clean the nozzle before you use the gun too. Then squirt a very small bit of grease from the nozzle. Clean of the nozzle with a cloth before you attach it to a fitting.

Focus on the Gun’s Proper Use

While the use of grease gun is often discussed, it does not hurt to review the basics from time to time. Sometimes we forget about some of the risks involved in using a grease gun. That is why it is always essential to make sure you understand how to correctly use the tool.

Equipment that Benefits from Grease Gun Use

Equipment that is regularly serviced and maintained with a grease gun includes the lawn mower, automobile engine, chain saw, and factory-type machinery.

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