Micro Ceramic Oil Additives offer long term wear and friction reduction that is not possible with standard lubricants.

If you have been researching micro ceramic oil additives you have no doubt come across both sides of the additives debate–1.  No, additives are not needed to keep your engine running efficiently.  2. Additives help keep your engine running at its peak performance.   Which argument is right?  Both actually are correct.

If all the manufacturer’s recommendations on engine care are followed the engine will run efficiently for a long time.  However, the question now becomes what the manufacturer considers to be acceptable efficiency and wear.  Enter the additives dimension.  All oils come with varying amounts of additives that affect viscosity, friction reduction, wear reduction, and oil durability.  Its a fact, engine oils start as a base oil and then have different additives added to them to make them better suited for their intended purpose.

Circle back to the question–“Are additives needed?” Yes they are, they are used in every oil on the market.  Most mass produced products, including lubricants, have varying amounts of quality.  In an attempt to give consumers a better option or more options for lubricants the oil additive market was created. “Will engine oil additives help keep your engine running at peak efficiency longer than just standard lubricants?”  Yes, they will. The right additives added to your engine oil can help fill gaps in that oil’s lubrication profile.  For example-ceramic oil additives.

The most engine wear occurs at start-up because oil is not yet present throughout the engine. Ceramic additives (hexagonal boron nitrite) are extremely resistant to heat and bond/fill in rough areas on metal surfaces, which means, even when the oil has drained back to the oil pan there is still a ceramic coating present on the metal surfaces of the rings, pistons, bearings.  etc.  Therefore when the engine starts the parts that do not yet have oil will have lubrication provided by the remaining ceramic on ceramic film.


The above image and caption show and explain exactly how the engine is benefiting from the use of micro ceramic oil.  The reduced wear will help your engine run more efficiently longer and the reduced friction will help your fuel take you farther.

Now, ceramic oil is expensive.  This is one of the reasons it is not in standard oils, and part of the reason why some people will not use it; and honestly their engines will run fine for a long time.  However, if your vehicle or truck is your living and or passion and you are looking for a top performing lubricant that will protect your engine, decrease friction, and keep your engine running at its best —Well, then you should be considering ceramic oils.  Ceramic oil will give you that little extra fuel mileage, horsepower, and engine lifespan that you are looking for.


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