Ag Equipment

AET Systems IncAg Equipment has a wide variation of use from hard tillage work to light work like raking hay. This wide variation of work results in a wide variation of problems and expenses. Light work and long idle hours can lead to problems with diesel particulate filters and other emissions reduction systems. Hard working hours equal high fuel consumption and high fuel costs. Both of these problems can be resolved with the Air-Tec System.

By improving combustion efficiency with Air-Tec particulate emissions can be reduced by as much as 80% drastically improving the lifespan of diesel particulate filters! At the same time fuel efficiency is improved as the fuel is burned nearly completely!

From Case Quadtracs to 60horspower Kubotas to Claas Choppers, Air-Tec has been installed on nearly all common brands and models of tractors, combines, and choppers!

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