Air-Tec Installation Cost

The Air-Tec System was designed to save you money on your overall fuel costs.
Every installation situation is a little different and that has an effect on installation cost, but on average the cost to purchase and have a Air-Tec System installed is right around $2,300.  However, we do offer specials throughout the year significantly lowering the total cost, volume discounting is also available as well as specials for returning customers.

Here is how the cost breaks down:

$1600 for the Air-Tec Computer System

$400 for the Air-Tec Coil (includes installation)

$300 for additional purchase of replacement intake tube to reduce down time. Note:  If the machine is on a tight schedule AET purchases a new section of intake tube to fit with the Air-Tec Coil, in this way installation time is dramatically reduced because the intake tube can simply be replaced, not removed, fitted with the coil, and then reinstalled (a process that can take 3 hours). 

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This pricing makes the return on investment about 5-7 months for a over the road truck depending on fuel prices and miles driven.  For marine diesels and construction or farming equipment the return on investment is shorten to 2-3 months as these machines typically have very high fuel consumption rates, but again it depends on hours and fuel prices.

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