Air-Tec Systems

The Air-Tec Story

The Air-Tec System was engineered in Germany, in 2008, as an emissions reduction system. However, it was soon discovered that not only did it lower emissions, it also lowered fuel consumption! – Read More

How Air-Tec Works

Many people find it hard to believe that the installation of an Air-Tec System has so many positive effects, but it does and here is why. Air-Tec treats the main problem that a engine deals with-combustion inefficiency.

Installation Cost

Every installation situation is a little different and that has an effect on installation cost, but here your can find the average the cost to purchase and have a Air-Tec System installed.

Installation Guide

Most of the time a certified AET mechanic will install your Air-Tec System; however, if you chose to install your Air-Tec System or if one of our mechanics is not available here is a brief overview of the installation process.

Air-Tec Systems Are A Simple Way To Reduce Fuel Consumption

By achieving an almost complete burn, hazardous emissions like soot particulate and unburned hydrocarbons are drastically reduced in the exhaust gas.  At the same point the energy efficiency of combustion is improved which results in a remarkable reduction of fuel consumption.

The Air-Tec System is simple in design and easily installed on diesel, CNG, gasoline, or even gas turbine engines without any problem.

Air-Tec Installation Photos

Here are some Air-Tec installation photos from Germany, Peru, the U.S.A., and the Netherlands.  Don’t see a picture of the machine or engine you are looking to install the Air-Tec System on?  Email us or give us a call!  Most likely we’ve installed a system on the machine you are looking to install on and the picture just didn’t make it to this page yet.  But if you do have a machine we haven’t installed Air-Tec on before–we’ll have a picture for you right after we install a unit on your machine!

Air-Tec Test Results and Case Studies

See how others have benefited from using an Air-Tec System on their personal vehicles, fleet vehicles, heavy machinery, marine, among other applications. The results show proof of how anyone can benefit by reducing their fuel costs by installing an Air-Tec System.

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