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AirTec Lubricants are all produced by Wagner Spezialschmierstoffe in Germany.  Known worldwide for their Micro-Ceramic Oil Technology you can be sure our products will take your engine performance to a new level!

grease guns

AirTec Lube Shuttle® Grease Guns are the future of greasing. The Lube Shuttle® Cartridge design allows AirTec Grease Guns to decrease time spent greasing, lower waste, and eliminate the mess.


Find the right grease for your hobby farm, compact tractor, heavy machinery!  Whether its High Temp, Marine, Winter, Extreme Pressure or EM grease we have it!  Made for AirTec® by Wagner High Quality Lubricants


Know exactly what you need?  Check out our webstore!  Home of Lube-Shuttle® grease guns, grease and top performance AirTec® oil, fuel additives and lubricants!

Our Most Popular Grease Gun Kits

When you need to cut through grease, you don’t have time to waste. You need to get through whatever is holding you up and you need to do so efficiently and without creating too much mess. Getting rid of grease clogs is a means to an end, as it’s necessary to do so in order to ensure that your mechanical components are running smoothly and cleanly. Grease gun kits are all over the marketplace, so it can be difficult to know where to turn for the help you need to take care of this unavoidable task.

AET Systems offers a full range of choices with regards to grease gun kits as you’ll see below, and you’ll also notice that our grease gun kits are affordable options for your operation. Each of our grease gun kits will cut through clogged grease fittings that will work with high-flow applications and just about anything else you could imagine. All you’ll need to do is take a look at our inventory below and choose the best model or models that fit best for your needs.

Not only do we only offer the highest-quality grease gun kits on the market, but when you trust us to serve as your provider, you’ll also be working with a company that’s earned its place at the top of our industry. We’ll be there with you every step of the way, so whatever you need before or after you put your grease gun kits to work, we’ll provide you with prompt and helpful information.

Grease Gun Kit | AET Systems, Inc.

Build Your Own Grease Gun Kit

Travel Trailer Greasing Kit | AET Systems, Inc.

Lube-Shuttle®: Travel Trailer Greasing Kit

Lube Shuttle Peak Protection Kit | AET Systems, Inc.

Lube-Shuttle®: Peak Protection Greasing Kit

Lube Shuttle Grease Gun and Grease for Lawnmowers | AET Systems, Inc.

Lube-Shuttle®: Homeowner Greasing Kit

lube shuttle no mess greasing kit

Lube-Shuttle®: No-Mess Greasing Package

Lube Shuttle Hobby Farm Greasing Kit

Lube Shuttle®: Hobby Farm Greasing Kit

Lube Shuttle® Moly greasing Kit

Lube-Shuttle®: Moly Greasing Kit

Lube Shuttle® Moly Greasing Kit 2

Lube-Shuttle®: Moly Greasing Kit 2

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